New Year's Eve 2018!


I'm excited to report I'll be playing at Shep Gordon's famous Maui NYE party this year! I'll be playing some with Willie K, Alice Cooper, Pat Simmons and hopefully more! This concert is an annual benefit for the Maui Food Bank.


Baja Blues Cruise report!


Baja Blues Cruise report!


Baja Blues Cruise!


I'm very excited to be playing with Willie K on a Blues Cruise in Baja, Mexico from October 28 - November 4. There are 30 bands on board and we'll be there during Halloween and Day of the Dead!


Maui Brewing Co. - new gig!


I am pleased to announce I am now playing every Wednesday afternoon from 4-6 pm at Maui Brewing Co. in Kihei! Stop in and check out their great new restaurant!


Alice Cooper w/ Willie K band!


Alice Cooper joined us for 'Back Door Man' at the Bluesfest! Jan 6, 2018

video: Alice Cooper


Willie K Bluesfest 2018!


Willie K's Bluesfest 2018 was a total success here on Maui! Special guests playing with us were Alice Cooper, Michael McDonald, Pat Simmons, Ray Benson, Dave Mason and Alto Reed. It was a great night of Maui music under the stars!


Ross Valory from Journey!


Last weekend I had a fun jam session on Maui with Ross Valory who is a founding member and bassist for Journey - such a cool guy! Also playing were Willie K, Dave Mason and drummer Kris Thomas. Check out the video link below!

YouTube link




Gypsy Pacific!


My gypsy jazz band 'Gypsy Pacific' is back together on Maui! Our violin player recently moved back and we all decided to reform the group. We are a four piece unit with: Tom Conway (lead guitar), Willy Wainwright (violin), Phil Benoit (rhythm guitar) and Marcus Johnson (bass). Be sure to check us out if you're on Maui!


Mick Fleetwood, Dave Mason & Willie K!


Tonight was an incredible evening of music at Shep Gordon's house on Maui where I played a show with Willie K, Mick Fleetwood and Dave Mason! I posted two videos under the 'Videos 2' tab on this site. Check it out, it was really fun!




I am very excited to report that Willie K and the band are opening for Journey in Hawaii this week! We are playing in Honolulu at the Blaisdell Arena on Feb 23, 24, 26 and on Maui Feb 28. This is a great opportunity and we are ready to rock!


The Root Cellar Session!


My new album 'The Root Cellar Session' is finally out! I recorded 19 original songs in a stripped down format - just my acoustic guitar and vocals. It is now available at CD Baby and soon on iTunes, Amazon, etc...Buy now at CD Baby!


New Album!


I'm excited to announce I have a new album of 19 original songs coming soon! The format is stripped down - just my acoustic guitar and voice. Stay tuned!


Willie K blues tour!


I just returned from a great trip with Willie K to Colorado and northern California. The highlight was playing the 'Blues from the Top' festival in Winter park, Colorado! Check out my photo section for more.


Willie K mainland tour!


I'll be heading out for a short tour with Willie K next week. We'll be playing a four piece blues band format in Colorado and northern California and it'll be hot! Check my calendar for dates and locations. Hope to see you out there!


Pat Simmons - Doobie Brother!


I did two recording sessions with Pat Simmons on April 1 and it was great working with him! The morning session I played his classic Gibson L5 for some clean, jazzy stuff. The night session I play a Strat cranked up and rocked. Hawaiian icon Willie K is in the second photo and he killed it on the rock session!


Alice Cooper video!


Here's a cool video of Coop and us playing 'Back Door Man' at Willie K's Bluesfest on Jan 9, 2016!


Jammin' with Steven Tyler on Maui!


Here's a video of me playing with Steven Tyler and Willie K on Jan 9, 2016.


Alice Cooper & Steven Tyler!!


Last night I played 'Back door Man' with Alice Cooper at Willie K's BBQ Blues Fest and it was killer! Then Steven Tyler got up and we played several songs - the crowd loved it - what a great night of music here on Maui!


Michael McDonald!


Music legend Michael McDonald will be joining us at Willie K's Blues Fest this Friday! Today we had a great rehearsal and Michael sounded fantastic as always!


Sarah Mclachlan!


I had the opportunity to back up Sarah for a couple tunes here on Maui at a great New Year's Day gig. She's a very nice, genuine artist!


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!


I hope you all have a blessed Holiday season and New Year! Here's one of my favorite songs this time of year and it's dedicated to kids everywhere. 




TC with Willie K - Nov 12, 2015 Maui


Feel the Burn!



Tom Conway with Willie K in Waikapu!



Maui Tomcat Beatnik Jam!



Tom Conway with Willie K!


Here's a video of Willie K & I at the 93rd Maui Fair. Willie K & Tom C


New gig in Paia!


I'm excited to announce I'll be playing in Paia, Maui at Charley's every other Tuesday night! Solo acoustic two hour show from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, no cover charge. Stop in if you're on Maui!This month: Oct 6 & 20.


Alice Cooper!


I was honored to play at the wedding of Alice's daughter. I'm a big fan of Coop and his bass player Chuck Garric is pretty cool too!


93rd Maui Fair with Willie K!


I had a great time playing with Willie K at the Maui Fair this year! 


New Maui show every Thursday!


I am excited to announce I'll be playing with legendary Hawaiian entertainer Willie K every Thursday night here on Maui! The venue is incredible and the music is hot - please join us!




I have lots of new video clips on my YouTube channel - check 'em out!




I just got back from a wonderful trip to the beautiful area of Sedona, AZ. Much different from my Maui rainforest home and very enchanting! You can tell they take a lot of pride in their city and surroundings.


Improvisation #13


Fun at home in Haiku, Maui.



Heartbreaker Banquet 2015!


I just returned from Austin, Texas where I had the great fortune to play two full concerts with legend Willie Nelson at his ranch in the western town of Luck. Check out the photo section!


Austin Texas!


I'm excited to announce I'm going to Willie Nelson's ranch in Austin TX March 17 - 21 for a few SXSW gigs! I went last year and had a great time. I'll be posting lots of pics so stay tuned!


Top 10 Maui Musicians article


Check out the link: Top 10 Musicians on Maui


Maui rock guitarist "Rocket" Ramos passes


My good friend Rodney "Rocket" Ramos recently passed away. He was a great guitar player from Maui who inspired many on his journey!




Steve Howe is a favorite guitarist of mine so I finally learned this line!


Free Downloads!


I just made lots of my music available for free download so if you're interested go to my music page. 



Spy Music!


"Cyber Spy Blues" - I just wrote this slinky spy tune for fun, especially with all the related current events!


Two shows on Oahu!


I'm playing two shows this week with Lily Meola on Oahu at the Surfer Bar at Turtle Bay Resort. This is a great venue on the North Shore - come to the shows if you're on Oahu! The info is on my Calendar page here.



MauiTime article - link


Here's the link to the MauiTime article: click link below for full text.



MauiTime Weekly article!


Nice article in the new MauiTime weekly - mahalo, MT!




I had a great vacation on Kauai recently! It is such a peaceful, beautiful island - if you ever get a chance to go there, do it!


Bigstock 2014!


I had the opportunity to perform at Bigstock in Bend, Oregon last sunday. A very cool benefit for Oregon Adaptive Sports! Here's the stage getting set...




I'll be playing in Bend, Oregon at Bigstock on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Benefit for Oregon adaptive sports!


Maui Film Festival 2014!


I had a great time opening for the movie 'Supermensch' last night at the Maui Film Festival! 'Supermensch' is about the life of legendary entertainment manager Shep Gordon and it's great - check it out if you get a chance!


Jam in the Van video!


SXSW - "Heartbreaker Banquet" : Austin, TX at Willie Nelson's ranch.


New album coming soon!


I just finished demos for 17 new tunes and will hit the studio soon for the real deal! The new songs are in a blues / rock vein.


SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX!


I'm very excited to announce that I have been invited by Willie Nelson to go to Austin, TX in March for a couple gigs! This is going to be a great time!


Willie K's Maui Blues Festival w/ Billy Gibbons!


 I'm really excited that the Tom Conway Band will be playing this event! Special guests include Steven Tyler, Billy Gibbons, Pat Simmons, Mick Fleetwood and more!!


Maui News - Willie Nelson


Here's a nice photo and mention in the Maui News by Jon Woodhouse. (12/28/2013)


Willie Nelson Maui show!


I had a great gig with Willie Nelson on Maui last night! I have some videos posted on my FaceBook Band page if you'd like to see 'em.


Pat Simmons gig for Brian Schatz!


Doobie Brother Patrick Simmons & I played a fun duo gig last night on Maui in support of Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz!


Pat Simmons gig!


i'm excited to be playing a duo gig with Doobie Brother Pat Simmons on Dec 4, 2013! We'll be playing a lot of his instrumental tunes from various Doobie albums!


New Farm Aid videos!


I just posted some new videos from Farm Aid 2013. I was honored to play the entire set with Willie Nelson & Family! There's lots more videos on the Farm Aid channel on YouTube - go to the Willie Nelson playlist.


Willie Nelson Tour - Sep 2013


I just returned from a two week tour of the East Coast with American icon Willie Nelson. It was an incredible experience and I will be posting a photo album soon!


Willie Nelson at Humphrey's video


Here's a really cool video from the Willie Nelson concert in San Diego! Concert clips start at 5:40 and Live music out takes at 8:36 - enjoy!


Willie Nelson & Tom Conway - videos


Here's a great blog post by Linda Banks with some videos of Willie Nelson and me.


West Coast mini tour - Summer 2013


I have just returned from California & Oregon where I played some great gigs. The highlight was playing an entire show with Willie Nelson & Family at Humphrey's in San Diego! Being on stage all night with this legendary band was quite an honor and an experience I'll never forget! I posted lots of short videos on my YouTube channel - just click the button on this site and it'll take you straight there if you are interested.

Aloha from Maui,



Willie Nelson - July 26, 2013


Rehearsal on Maui


Willie Nelson show in August 2013 and video!


Article & Video


Jackson Browne!


Lily Meola & I will play in Bend, Oregon at Bigstock Music Festival on August 10. Jackson Browne headlines this fun event!


New Videos!


I just posted three new videos today - hope you can check 'em out- thanks!


Bob Rock - legendary producer!


Bob Rock & Tom ConwayI had a really fun gig with Bob Rock on Maui last night!


Doobie Brother Pat Simmons


I had a great gig with Pat Simmons last night in support of Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz!Pat Simmons & Tom Conway


New weekly gigs!


I am pleased to report I am now playing every Monday and Tuesday afternoon at the Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea from 4 - 6 pm. This is a great restaurant and I'm proud to be there!


Willie K Blues BBQ! Jan 12, 2013


I had an incredible time playing at Willie K's Blues BBQ on Jan 12, 2013 in Wailea! It was truly an amazing night and I posted a few videos so you can check out the Tom Conway Band!


Bob Rock & Mick Flletwood!


I am proud to be part of Bob Rock's Maui band featuring songbird Lily Meola. We had a fun encore jam with Mick Fleetwood tonight at Fleetwood's on Front St. in Lahaina - check it out! Nov 25, 2012



Bob Rock Band!


I have been working in a band recently with legendary producer Bob Rock and we will be making our debut at Mick Fleetwood's new restaurant in Lahaina this Sunday evening. Check it out if you're on Maui!Bob_Rock_Band_resized.jpg


Upcountry Sundays!




Mick Fleetwood!


Mick Fleetwood jammed with us for about 1 1/2 hours Thursday night at his new restaurant "Fleetwood's on Front Street" in Lahaina! Mick is doing so much for the Maui community so it was a real honor for me to play with him!Mick_Fleetwood.jpg




I want to let you all know my new album "Hold On Tight" is now available on iTunes! Hold On Tight - Tom Conway


New audio clip!


I just posted a slide show / audio clip of my new song Hold On Tight in the Video section. The album is now available at CD Baby!



New album 'Hold On Tight'!


Hold On Tight cover

My new Rock album is finally here! I'll be posting clips of all tunes shortly.


Gypsy Pacific reunion shows!


Gypsy Pacific will reunite for two special shows this month!Gypsy Pacific reunion poster


Drum Trax!!


Greg Marsh (2nd from L) landed from Chicago on Maui to lay down my drum trax yesterday! Greg tours with Van Ghost and he is a total Pro!



Maui Reggae Concert!


I played a fun show with Marty Dread yesterday on Maui where we opened for Reggae icons Inner Circle. A gorgeous day at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center! I posted some photos in the gallery.



Fabiani's theme music!


I just composed a new tune called "Tiramisu Tango" for Maui restaurant Fabiani's in Kihei. The video / music are on my videos page.


Doobie Brother Pat Simmons!


I recently had the good fortune to perform as a duo with Pat Simmons at a fundraiser for Mazie Hirono. Pat put together a great set featuring Doobie classics and some of his instrumental compositions. We really had a fun time!Pat_Tom.jpg


New blog!


Aloha friends,

I have a new blog at: . Please check it out when you can! TC


Lukas Nelson show!


Lukas Nelson has invited me to perform an acoustic show with him at Charley's Maui on March 12, 2011. Gail Swanson will join us on Vocals, Guitar & Flute! Lukas___Tom_ticket.jpgHope you can attend this event!!


Whale weekend!


I had a wonderful weekend that started with Whale Day in Kihei. Played a fun set with Gail Swanson and Pat Simmons from the Doobie Brothers!

Pat Simmons & Gail Swanson


Whale Day!


I'm playing at Whale Day with Gail Swanson & Doobie Brother Patrick Simmons. This will be a fun acoustic trio!


Cover songs!


I've just posted three songs I acoustic twist on some tunes that are normally electric. Hope you like 'em!


Sleigh Ride


I've added a gypsy jazz version of Sleigh Ride we recorded a few years ago to the music player on my site. Hope you like it!


New music


I now have 12 new original songs written for an upcoming album in early 2011. Acoustic singer-songwriter vein.


Lukas Nelson show!


Lukas & Tom will perform an acoustic duo set opening for Lukas' electric band on Fri, Dec 17th.


New Videos added!


I uploaded three new videos with Willie Nelson: On the Road Again, Always on My Mind & A blues tune.


Willie Nelson Concert!


I played with the great Willie Nelson in Honolulu Aug 24 and we had a really good time! It was a fundraiser for Neil Abercrombie who is running for Governor. More than six thousand people attended!




My new CD "El Tigre" is now available for download at iTunes!


Tom Conway - El Tigre


My new CD "El Tigre" is here!