Willie K - RIP 

Hawaiian music legend Willie K passed away on May 18th and he will be sorely missed. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to play so many shows with Willie the last five years and I was always honored to be on stage with him. Willie was just an amazing, complex man with a huge spirit. Thanks you for everything, Willie! Fly on, dear Friend.

Guitar Lessons Online! 

Hello Friends,

I am now offering online guitar lessons via Zoom! I've been teaching for over 25 years and my lessons are one-to-one. Blues, Rock, Jazz / Gypsy Jazz and more.  Shoot me an email for info and I'm happy to help! Tom

"Tommy is without a doubt a master guitar player and an intuitive instructor that inspired me and will no doubt inspire many others ! You couldn't have a better teacher !!"

- Lukas Nelson : POTR, Neil Young, Lady Gaga

Alice Cooper NYE Maui 2019! 

Happy New Year! I had an incredible NYE here on Maui and I performed with many music greats. It was a lot of work learning all the music but well worth the time invested. I posted a NYE 2019 photo album you can check out and here's a list of the artists I played with:

Alice Cooper, Willie Nelson, Pat Simmons & Michael McDonald, Willie K, Dave Mason, Paul Simon, Lukas Nelson, Weird Al Yankovic, Pat Monahan of Train, Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and Lily Meola.

I wish you all a healthy, happy 2020!


Blues Cruise 2019 Mexico update! 

The Blues Cruise 2019 to the Mexican Riviera with Willie K was incredible! So many great bands and wonderful fans! 

Blues Cruise 2019! Mexico! 

I'm excited to announce I'll be sailing with the Willie K Band on another Blues Cruise this October! We had a great time last year and  plan on a lot of music / fun once again! I'm really proud to be playing with hawaiian legend Willie K! 

Check out the Blues Cruise site! 

Kelly Slater - superstar surfer! 

Recently I had a fun jam session with surfer Kelly Slater here on Maui. Kelly is a nice guy and a legend in the sport of surfing! You can watch a couple videos here on my site under the 'Videos 1' tab.

Alice Cooper! NYE Maui 2018 

New Year's Eve 2018 was incredible here on Maui! Definitely the best gig I've ever had. I played the entire sets by artists Alice Cooper, Pat Simmons and Michael McDonald (Doobie Bros), Dave Mason, Willie K, Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Lily Meola. 

New Year's Eve 2018! 

I'm excited to report I'll be playing at Shep Gordon's famous Maui NYE party this year! I'll be playing some with Willie K, Alice Cooper, Pat Simmons and hopefully more! This concert is an annual benefit for the Maui Food Bank. Here's a pic from Willie K's Bluesfest last year with Alice Cooper.

Baja Blues Cruise report! 

We're back from the Blues Cruise to the Sea of Cortez and it was incredible! We played at the Cabo Wabo Cantina and had ports of call in Loreto and La Paz. Thirty bands were on board a magnificent ship by Holland America and everyone was there for one thing - the music! 

All day and night it was great music everywhere and the vibe was fantastic. Check out the pics in my 'photos' tab here on my site!

Baja Blues Cruise! 

I'm very excited to be playing with Willie K on a Blues Cruise in Baja, Mexico from October 28 - November 4. There are 30 bands on board and we'll be there during Halloween and Day of the Dead!

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