Here's a short excerpt from a recent article about Willie K in the Maui News. I'm really excited to be a part of Willie's weekly Maui show! Ably assisting this Hawaiian master are longtime bassist Jerry Byers and drummer Kris Thomas, joined by keyboardist Alika Nako’oka, and for the Waikapu gig, the addition of guitarist Tom Conway. An exceptional guitarist, Conway has toured on the Mainland in recent years with Willie Nelson, even appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with the country icon. And, as he’s got the gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt down, this adds another musical tangent for Willie to explore. “It’s an inspiration when you see our local talent playing with the big wigs, going on tour with Willie Nelson,” says Willie of Conway. “He’s one of our musical ohana that keeps this island thriving as far as entertainment. It was an opportunity to strengthen the Warehouse Blues Band and add a little more class to it. He’s really happy because he never gets a chance to really explode on Maui with an electric guitar.” So what’s it like having another lead guitarist on board? “That monkey has flown away from my back,” he says laughing. “It feels so good to have someone I can count on to carry the show when I’m talking, or singing or dancing.”” - Jon Woodhouse

— The Maui News

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Here's an article in MauiTime weekly. Click link below for full text. MauiTime article    ” - Mika Rawson

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Conway accents his own vocals with plenty of stylish and inventive guitar fills and solos". (New rock album 'Hold On Tight')” - Michael Dregni

— Vintage Guitar Magazine (Nov 2012)

The title song establishes Conway’s credentials as a Hoku Award-worthy rocker" ” - John Berger

Honolulu Star Advertiser

Tom Conway's latest batch of acoustic jazz is stylish and inspired, his guitar leading the way with virtuosic swing".” - Michael Dregni

— Vintage Guitar Magazine (Nov, 2010 issue)

Maui News article: August 5, 2010 ” - Jon Woodhouse

Maui News

Willie Nelson One of the first bands to grab my attention on Maui was the band Gypsy Pacific. I have been a fan of Django Reinhardt since I first heard him & Stephane Grapelli with the Hot Club Band from France. Tom Conway and his band play Django's music right along side the other great Django bands - they can hold their own...and more! I know Django would be proud that his music is so elegantly presented on the island of Maui & now for the rest of the world. Tom Conway's "No Fixed Address" is a great CD.”
Linda Banks - May 13, 2010 Tom Conway’s furious guitar playing is brilliant, and his fellow musicians are as talented and as engaged in the music as Tom is. You don’t have to know anything about Reinhardt, the Hot Club of France or gypsy jazz to be blown away by this album (Click here for full review)”